Directors Reel


Award winning director Giles' ability to create wonderful and ingenious ideas out of small seeds is his forte.

Training with the best writers at The Royal Court then going on to win various awards for his short films, he has a vast knowledge and a great understanding of how to please his audience, thus creating vibrant and ultimately rewarding films and promos.

His unique flair for charming comedy and quirky drama has made him a reliable and visually creative force for clients who are looking for refreshing, fun and diverse ideas.

Using in camera techniques and working closely with his crew and actors he has made great and enterprising visual idents, digital media, promos and award winning short films for names like Iceland, Foot Locker, Talk to Frank, Berocca, Lucozade, Ericsson, Comic Relief, Maltesers, TABBi, Atomic Son and Dirty Pretty Things.